Why join SMA?

Singapore Malayalee Association is the best place in Singapore to meet fellow Malayalees integrate into the community.

The association provides social, networking, community, cultural opportunities and other services to all its members. If you are living in Singapore and are looking for interesting and meaningful activities, join us. We also have many events and benefits that we run only for our members.

Benefits of becoming a member

  1. As a member you can attend the regular events organized by our various clubs including Ladies’ Wing, Youth Wing, Drama, Art club, Sports club, Welfare Club and Children’s club.
  2. Through the various events we organize, members have the opportunity to network and make new friends.
  3. Special discounted rates for members in paid events as well.
  4. Members can avail special rates for advertisements through SMA e-newsletter and print magazine Onopaharam.
  5. We have special events and promotions for our members that are announced though our newsletter from time to time. We are working towards a scheme for members to avail discounts at selected restaurants and stores.
  6. Our members can participate in our AGM, vote for committee positions and also hold such positions.
  7. Members can use for free the SMA Hall at 44 Race Course Road up to 4 times a year, with a security deposit.
  8. Members get priority access to distinguished guest interactions when audience size is limited.
  9. Members get preference for getting articles published in our print magazine Onopaharam.
  10. We also have thank you dinners and lunches organized for our members on special occasions.

Who can become a member?

  • If you are a Malayalees, aged 18 and above, and are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident- you can become an¬†Ordinary Member (yearly) or Ordinary Member (lifetime).
  • If you are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident but not eligible for Ordinary membership, you can apply for Associate Memerbship.
  • Junior Memberships are available for Malayalees who are Singapore citizens or PRs and below 18 years of age on the date of application.
  • Corporate Memberships are granted by the Management Committee(MC) to Businesses / Corporations /
  • Organizations
  • Term Memberships are available for Malayalees of any age are not a Singapore Citizen or PRs, and are residing in Singapore.
Membership TypeTermResidential StatusRequired to be a MalayaleeAgeFee
OrdinaryAnnualSingaporean (SC) / Singapore PR (SPR)Yes>=18 years$30
LifeOne-TimeSingaporean (SC) / Singapore PR (SPR)Yes>=18 years$200
JuniorAnnualSingaporean (SC) / Singapore PR (SPR)Yes<18 years$15

How do I become a member?

Please fill up this membership form and submit it to our office, together with the payment either by cash or cheque (made payable to ‘Singapore Malayalee Association’).

For membership form please click here