Bringing together
Malayalees in Singapore

The Singapore Malayalee Association (SMA), founded in 1917, aims to unite Malayalees in Singapore into a cohesive community by promoting their interests, development, and cultural heritage through a wide range of activities spanning cultural, educational, professional, social, sporting, welfare, and recreational domains, while preserving and propagating Malayalee heritage and culture. SMA serves as a platform for Malayalees to connect with each other, celebrate their shared identity, and contribute to the multicultural fabric of Singapore.

Messages and Greetings

As Singapore progresses, everyone has a part to ensure that we remain an inclusive society. This includes caring for the less fortunate among us, and making sure that no one is left behind. It is heartening, in this respect to note that SMA has set up a bursary for needy students at NUS. It is also expanding their welfare programmes to the different sections of the society.

Mr. K Shanmugam
Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law

As a nation of diverse races, religions and cultures, Singapore takes pride in its unique brand of multi-ethnic harmony. SMA has played a pivotal role since its formative years in developing the Malayalee culture and sense of community, through various intellectual, cultural, and educational engagements. It has done so while helping to integrate the Malayalee community with our other Indian communities, and in our broader Singaporean society.

Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam
Deputy Prime Minister

That we have a thriving Malayalee community in Singapore is testament to our national ethos of meritocracy and multiculturalism. Though relatively small in numbers, Malayalees have done well and distinguished themselves in many fields. The Malayalee community, like others in Singapore, has also been able to uphold its cultural traditions while contributing to our national identity.

Mr. S Iswaran
Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry)