Kathakali Painting

LiSHA – ICF 2019

SMA set up a Kathakali painting booth on 27th at Clive Street from 2-4pm. Lakshmy Iyer, Hon Gen Sec SMA, who was in charge of the booth, prepped the canvas, sketched the image and planned for a paint-by-numbers theme. We were amazed to see an overwhelming response from the public. People from all ages, races and culture lined up for their turn to paint. Jaleela Niaz and Sindhu Krishnan assisted the booth. After few hours of community collaboration, the vibrant Kathakali painting was completed successfully.

SMA was honoured by the GOH Member of Parliament, Mr Melvin Yong who added the final touch to the painting. LiSHA Chairman Mr Rajkumar and Dr Uma Rajan graced the occasion. Our Kathakali painting was in the limelight for the whole evening.

Our painting will be on display at the Indian Heritage Centre (IHC) till our next workshop on May 4th. All are welcome, but please check for the availability of seats with IHC.
– Sindhu Krishna, PIC of Community Events, MC member SMA